What we Do Best

Building an online business can be tough, from building your online presence to monetizing it, it can get crazy at times especially if there is no one to guide you through it. 

Let’s take the guesswork out of it and have someone at your corner, who you can always bounce your ideas to.

Affordable Personalized Consulting

I charge $200 per 1-hour session. My pricing model is also designed to allow us to work together often, to help you pick my brain whenever you need it without any huge bills. 

We can speak as often as you need. Some may prefer to have a weekly session, others every other week, some prefer once per month, and others just want to reach out in “emergencies.” I am flexible to accommodate the needs of your situation.

One-on-One Direct Consultation

No middlemen just direct access to Mr. Maya whenever you need.

No Contracts or Long Term Packages

No need to signup for long term packages that you will never use. Just pay as you go.

High Level Help at Affordable Pricing

Most people with my level of exposure, experience and access charge $500 – 1K+ for packages that you will never use. These high price points are not affordable for many people who really need help.

Customized Experience

Everything is customized for you. I don’t have a set program that I take you through. I listen to you then I offer help to fit your specific needs and challenges. 


Try Our 3-Easy Step Process

Schedule A Meeting

If you would like to schedule a session, you can use the calendar below to pick an open time slot. (If there are no sessions that fit your schedule due to our time difference, please message me and we will work something out.)

Make A Payment

After booking has been approved, I will send you a PayPal request for $200.  Payments are supposed to be made before the zoom call.

Enjoy the call on zoom

We will use Zoom to have a video conference together. Each session is recorded for your future reference. Before each session, I ask for  3-5 talking points you want to be sure we discuss. This helps both of us stay focused on priorities to maximize each session.


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